Growing Cannabis

Ẹ Much controversy surrounds the germination of marijuana seed. Many first time growers are bombarded with advice, often conflicting, on how exactly this should be done, however it need not be such a complicated task. Marijuana seed is simple to grow, and if fresh, 90-100% germination rates are not unusual. The SeedBreeders method for raising seed as outlined here, has been developed from professional horticultural practices used the world over. We use it because it works, and it’s simple. The list below is standard equipment, and assumes you already have the necessary grow-room/lighting set up.


-Propagator with bottom heat

-Large jiffy pots

-Seed-raising/cutting potting mix

-Perlite or vermiculite

-Fine sprayer

-Identification labels

As well as this equipment it is optional, but highly advised to have the following:

-Thermostat controller (from an aquarium shop)

-Soil thermometer (diagram of seed-raising set-up)


Step 1

Wet thoroughly enough perlite/vermiculite to cover the bottom of the propagator approximately 2cm deep. Plug the propagator into the thermostat controller, plug the controller into the power and set for 23 C. Place the heat-sensing probe into the wet perlite.

Step 2

Fill jiffy pots to the top with seed-raising/cutting mix making sure to take out any bigger pieces that may obstruct the young seedlings as they emerge.(This can also be done with the help of a coarse sieve if you like.)
Step 3

Completely saturate the jiffy-pots and their contents, but allow them to drain well. Do this carefully so as not to wash the fine soil away. Top them up and repeat if the mix has sunken too much. It’s important to have them as full as possible to give the young roots plenty of room to grow for the week or two until they are potted on, and, because having a greater volume of mix in the pots means they take longer to dry out under the warm lamp.

Step 4

With a thin pointed object such as a pencil, make a small hole in the centre of each jiffy-pot about twice the depth that the seed is long. (This varies with strain, but 5-8mm deep should be suffice. Often the mistake is made of planting seeds too deeply, and they rot before they see the light of day. To ensure this doesn’t happen never sow seeds deeper than 1cm) If sowing more than one variety remember to prepare identification labels in advance, and label them as you go to prevent mix ups.

Step 5

Sow seeds directly into the holes, cover with fine seed-raising mix, and pat firm gently with your finger. (some growers have the patience to sow seeds a certain way up, claiming this to be beneficial, however, we have found no such advantages. Pre-emergence death is uncommon when using healthy seed in the correct environment, and, when it occasionally does happen can be seen as a form of natural selection, weeding out weaker specimens.) If using one insert the soil thermometer into the bottom of one of the jiffy-pots. Regulate the thermostat setting until the soil thermometer temp reads 25 (it may have to be set a degree or two higher)

Step 6

Using the mister bottle, spray the freshly covered seeds until the mix is damp. Don’t pour water onto the pots as this can wash away the mix and expose seeds. Transfer jiffy-pots into pre-warmed propagator tray, and settle them in making sure the wet perlite surrounds the pots, getting right up between them. This ensures the pots stay moist until well after the seeds germinate, protecting the young roots from drying out. Set the tray under either fluorescent lighting or a low-wattage H.P.S. to keep the newly planted seeds warm. At this stage no light is necessary but warmth is important, and low light provides this without drying the pots out. An air temp of 20-22C is ideal, a degree or two lower than the soil temp (around 23C). Humidity if regulated can be set for around 60%.

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