Hemp Scents: Hemp Oil based Fragrances


Indikah’s Earth Scents combine cold pressed unrefined hempseed oils with pure fragrance oils. Evolutionarily speaking, smell protected our primitive ancestors from predators and helped them find food. Today, smell affects many aspects of life such as attraction, memories, and emotions.

Indikah scents come in 10 tantalizing flavors. I had the benefit of trying three popular ones: a unique blend called Zen, Sandalwood, and the hippie classic, Patchouli.

It’s very hard to be truly objective when reviewing or reporting anything. I had to ask myself; Do I really like this product for what it is or just because it uses my favorite plant- cannabis? The answer became obvious as I constantly put it on- I give it a thumb’s up!

Hemp seed oil is great for your skin. I was afraid that I’d be left with an oily mess on my skin. However, that was not the case. It�s concentration of essential fatty acids is in a perfect 3:1 ratio � the ratio already found in our hair & skin and the ratio which our body can most readily absorb; and absorb it did!

My next concern was with the actual scent. This again was a problem because the sense of smell varies among people. If I like or dislike a particular scent, it doesn’t mean that you will agree with me. I tried patchouli first. I think patchouli is very unisex and smells sweet on women and musky on men. It’s definitely a must-have.

Zen is described as spicy and used to “focus the mind for meditation around 420”. I would like to add fruity to the list as well. The smell is literally delicious. Be careful- someone might want to lick this scent right off of you! Unfortunately, I wasn’t as satisfied with sandalwood as the others. Sandalwood reminded me more of cedar. As described, it is a warm woody aroma but it just wasn’t what I had in mind. You might like it, though.

The last feature that impressed me was the bottle itself. It’s not just an open bottle- it has a roll-on applicator which makes using the oil easy and clean. The 1/3 fl oz bottle may seem small when ordering, but each bottle will go a long LONG way. I’ve used mine a lot over the past couple of weeks and I’ve hardly made a dent in the contents.

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