Marijuana Alternatives: Legal Herbs that get you High.

First a Social Commentary: We’re human, and despite what the anti-drug conservatives think, We ALL Like to Get High!. I’m not a neurologist, but I know that the brain dispenses chemicals which change the way we “feel.” As humans, we’ve spent our existences manipulating our senses to trigger these chemicals.

Love, Fear, Exhilaration, Euphoria, Psychedelia- they’re all a byproduct of our brains and we love it. Why do people feel the need to smoke marijuana and grow it using marijuana seeds to get high? The same reason some people love roller coasters, skydiving, speeding down the highway, even oral sex. Some people claim that they’re high on life; and I believe them. I once dated someone who said sex was a much better high than a narcotic high.

My point? We all get high in different ways. It’s in our nature to stimulate our minds. If we woke up tomorrow and marijuana was completely destroyed on Earth- if there was not one plant, seed, or bud… it’d take 5 minutes before someone else found some way to get high again. Maybe they’d sniff some glue, smoke some other herb, or maybe they’ll turn to tobacco & alcohol and join the real addicts.

Marijuana Alternatives: You’ve seen the ads from magic mushroom pills and herbal ecstasy to those smoking blends touted as “legal weed”. Do they work?

Let me settle the matter right now. Yes they do work. No, it is not “legal weed.” My first mistake was expecting to get high like I was smoking marijuana. There’s only one mary jane. This would be tantamount to smoking tobacco or opium and expecting to feel a THC high.

My first experience with an alternative legal herb was salvia divinorum. Salvia is a type of sage- but surely not the kind you cook with. It has been used in native american rituals to induce visions. Unfortunately, to reach that level, you should use the concentrated version whereas I used just the dried leaves.

Smoking salvia got me high- just in a different way. I felt tingly in my arms and legs- almost like a cold sweat. This herb didn’t cloud my mind like marijuana. It sometimes induced short fits of laughter and my vision seemed more lively. For example, the television looked so sharp that I felt I could reach into it and pick up the people inside. The downside? A very short-lived high lasting about 10 minutes per full bowl. But unlike marijuana, Salvia can be found for 1/8 the cost of weed.

My second experience with herbal blends comes to me from a generous advertiser, HerbSmoke. I received a sample pack of 3 smoking mixtures named Spirit Walk, Vision Quest, and Merlin’s Blend. Each are comprised of a mixture of legal herbs- some of which you may find in your own house. I sit here writing to you while smoking Merlin’s Blend.

Am I high? Well, I’m surely not sober. My body feels relaxed and slightly numb; My mind is introspective but slightly distant. However, I can function perfectly and my short-term memory is unaffected.

Before bed, I tried smoking Vision Quest. I really meant to smoke Spirit Walk as that is the blend which is described as “Dream Smoke. To enter the Dream Continuum…”. Vision Quest is “Meditative Smoke to Stimulate Inner State of Mind… ” which in my opinion it did. While I won’t go into detail about my dreams, they brought up some issues and inner-conflicts that I have been mentally avoiding or ignoring.

I didn’t expect too much from these blends; but I was intrigued and rather satisfied with them. It surely isn’t bad for $10 an ounce. One smoking option is to mix marijuana with these herbal blends. This will surely conserve your weed without sacrificing the high. But experiment with small quantities first- while the herbal blends complimented pot well, Salvia mixed with weed tended to cancel each other out.

My Conclusions?: Marijuana Alternatives are good fun and deserve to be tried. Just remember that you’re not smoking weed so the high will probably be a lot different from what you’re used to. Also, while my experiences have typically been good, I’m sure there are a lot of bad products out there like herbal ecstasy which most people know is just pure caffeine. So, if you see the HerbSmoke banner displayed below, click on it and check them out.

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