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Have Your Products Reviewed

Have Your Product to Promote?

Have Your Products Reviewed and Get More Exposure. Provide us with Free Samples of your Products to Evaluate. We will put the Product through our Extensive  Quality Control Phase and Write your Review. We also include a Link to your Website for Shoppers to Purchase the Item after Reading the Review. Reviews will stay on our site indefinitely.
Can Anyone Send Anything For Review?

We Prefer to Receive these Products directly from the Manufacturers or Wholesaler. Please include as much Information about the Product as you can. We only review Products which can be Legally Sent through the Mail.

How Long does a Review Take?

We like to review products within two weeks of receipt, but due to time constraints, it may be longer. Reviews for books also take additional time. We now include a section of “upcoming reviews” so that you can start to receive traffic before your review is even finished!
What Else should I keep in Mind?

Here’s a Checklist to get your product reviewed:

  • Send one sample of each product you want reviewed to both of our offices!
  • Remember, UPS does NOT deliver to Post Office Boxes.
  • Include as much product information as you can.
  • List website(s) or other outlets where your product can be purchased.
  • Include your e-mail address or phone number in case we need to contact you.
  • Books will take longer to review than conventional products.
  • We encourage authors, creators, and manufacturers to sign their products.

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